Compliance and license management with the SAP Usage Monitor

Compliance management is very important if you want to increase productivity and efficiency in your business and to maintain full control in compliance management the right tools are necessary.

One way to approach compliance management is using SAP software which is designed to guide your business through changes in technology, regulations and the economy and much more. SAP does this through governance, risk, and compliance management and offers a variety of software capable of fulfilling these tasks in your business. Here monitoring is a highly valuable tool.

To give your business or organization a fast and reliable basis for decisions related to compliance, the SAP usage monitor is a software system that can help you regain order and full control in your systems.

Managing licenses

Licensing is used in almost every software system in businesses today and it is very import in any business that the licenses are in order and that no one is under or over licensed. The SAP usage monitor makes it very easy to gain insight into which users and their licenses. Based on usage statistics the SAP usage monitor will show you a list of licenses for each user which makes it easy for you to control licensing in the SAP system. You will also be able to downgrade users to less expensive licensing when the monitoring system discovers over licensed users. This makes your system easier for the users as well as saves your company money.

Information and transparency

The SAP usage monitor is a compliance management tool that can also help you track information about the users of your system and make it easier for you to clean it up and make it more transparent. With the SAP Usage Monitor you no longer need to manually check up on your system. The usage monitor does this for you.

With licence management and dashboard, an authorization dashboard, role journal and usage reporting the SAP usage monitor makes compliance management much easier.

The SAP usage monitor software is one of the compliance management solutions that can help your business reach its’ goals.


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